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Glenn Sanford


When we set out to transform the real estate experience, I personally thought about what would it take for me, having been a real estate agent, to want to be at eXp over the long haul. It needed to be the place that I would be working at if it existed, which to a large extent had to do with how we thought about compensation and equity opportunities.

We also knew that we had to create a great environment to work. A place that empowers agents to manage their own businesses while receiving top-notch technology and training, and quick support. A place where entrepreneurial agents can voice their opinions and be heard. And a place where agents can plan for their family’s future.

Featured In

“eXp is the going to be the future of real estate for many smart agents who want to earn more in less time.”

Sean Goerss

Minneapolis, MN

“One of the unique things about eXp is that the agents truly have a voice and leadership is listening.”

Elizabeth Riley

Austin, TX

“I saw a culture that allows growth for all agents, not just the ones at the top or the owners.”

David Kurz

Miami, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is eXp Realty open for business?

eXp has a global presence in over 24 countries around the world. To see all of our locations, please visit us at eXp Global Partners..

Do I need to be a licensed real estate agent to join eXp Realty?

Yes, an active real estate license is required to join eXp Realty as an agent.

What are the fees to join eXp Realty?

U.S. agent fees (USD):

  • $149 start-up fee
  • $85/month cloud brokerage fee

U.S. agent transaction fees (USD):

  • $25/transaction broker review fee
  • $60/transaction risk management fee ($750 annual cap)

Canada agent fees (CDN):

  • $199 start-up fee
  • $139/month cloud brokerage fee

Canada agent transaction fees (CDN):

  • $29/transaction broker review fee
  • $17/transaction risk management fee ($200 annual cap)

Is eXp Realty a good fit for new agents?

eXp provides a learning platform to newly licensed agents. The eXpand Mentoring Program provides newly licensed agents a learning platform where they will gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. Each mentee is paired with a certified eXp mentor who is a member of the same local geographic area.

Can my team or brokerage join eXp Realty?

Individual agents, teams and independent brokerages of all sizes are joining eXp.

Who can I contact to learn more about eXp Realty?

Talk to your sponsor or reach out to an eXp agent in your area. Or, use our contact form to get in touch.

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